Reality Booklets


What could this game system cover? Just ask yourself "What if...?"

The idea behind Alternate Realities is to build a core rules system that can then be adapted, via "Reality Booklets," to many different genres. Overall, the idea is that there are many alternate realities to the "reality" that we live in.

Game Background

I've been an avid gamer since about 1983, and while I created many false-start RPG systems over the years, this is the one that actually got the farthest. I had a lot of steam behind this game idea, and then GURPS came out, which had some similar ideas. I allowed myself to lose some hope, but picked the game back up after a few years and fleshed it out further, testing, and developing it. I had a playtesting team, I was developing the first world for the system, doing lots of research, and having a great time of it.

However, eventually I burned out of developing a game alone.

Now my children are role-players, and my son wants to be a game developer. Instead of him writing his own table-top RPG from scratch, I've decided to unearth my own game, if possible, as a website...a wiki website that he can help me work on. I may eventually open to either comments or public input, depending on how quickly I can recover my files and get them online, and how interested my son is in actually working on it.

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